We love collaborating with people and businesses in the community to start something new and unique in Woodstock, IL. Either they find us, or we find them, and we get to work. Whether it is through a market, event, workshop, fitness class, party, or professional service, we are a talented group of dreamer-doers with a passion for creativity and growth. Here are just a few of the success stories of the people who have shaped Mixin Mingle and have worked with us to build something memorable.


Amy Furrow

Co-Founder of HoneyCraft Market

Created a monthly Indie handmade market

There’s more to Amy Furrow than just her awesome photos and connections with shooting films. She had the idea to bring an Indie handmade market to Woodstock. She came in one day, found out about what we do, and suggested we try a market. She had participated as a jewelry seller at handmade markets in Chicago for her own company called Salt and Grace, and wanted something similar in town. Amy partnered with us on the idea and she named it HoneyCraft Market (cool name by the way). The HoneyCraft brand is focused on building a community of talented makers that meet at a marketplace and showcases handmade wares. The first event was held November 2011, and became pretty popular in the community. Click here to see what McHenry County Magazine had to say about HoneyCraft. Visit www.honeycraftmarket.com for more information.

Cassandra Vohs-Demann

Owner of A Place to Shine Music

Hosted Songwriter Showcase

Maybe a picture is worth a thousand words, but when you get to know Cassandra Vohs-Demann, you find out that beautiful music is the highest form of communication. Cassandra, owner of A Place to Shine Music in Woodstock, sees her studio as an artistic oasis where those who love to make music can truly shine. The studio’s highly trained, professional staff offers lessons, private coaching, workshops, and open studio time, as well as a host of other programs for musicians and vocalists. Cassandra decided to hand-pick area songwriters and introduce them to the public in a monthly event at Mixin Mingle. Cassandra and her team organized the first Songwriter Showcase with attention to every detail, so the experience would be a pleasure for all. The sound equipment is top-notch; the stage is intimate and engaging; the performers are talented and know how to connect with their audience, YOU. Songwriter Showcase debuted to a packed house. Join us the third Friday of each month at 7:30 p.m. You never heard it so good!

Jill Cataldo

Founder of Super-Couponing®

Taught several Super Couponing Workshops

We first met Jill Cataldo at her Super-Couponing workshop. We were searching for people who could teach classes and a good friend recommended we check her out. Jill is absolutely incredible, and we thoroughly enjoy her workshops and blog where she teaches people how to save money. Jill was gracious enough to commit to teaching regular workshops for us to help us get on our feet. Lucky for us, within a few short months of opening, Inside Edition came to tape Jill’s workshop at our location (watch the video). Jill is a great example for all of the dreamer-doers out there that success is possible. Visit www.jillcataldo.com for more information.

Jamie Kuhn

Owner at Heavenly Sense

Expanded customer base for Angel Card Readings

Jamie was a referral from a good friend, so we met one day and decided to offer Angel Card Readings and it attracted a lot of new clients. Jamie was already popular in the area, so this was a way to expand her customer base for Angel Card Readings in Woodstock. Now, Jamie lives in Florida, but still visits Mixin Mingle regularly when she is in town, and has booked many private parties with clients. Visit www.myheavenlysense.com for more information.

Michelle Rentschler

Event Planner

Started Event Planning Business

Michelle has a lucrative Mary Kay business, and she branched out in 2012 to become a local event planning extraordinaire. In just a few short months, she has built a network of local independent sellers and crafters and hosts multiple events throughout the year. She does a great job advertising and promoting for each event locally to bring people together.

Kristin Behrns

Owner of Petals n’ Bloom

Hosted a Bride’s Day Out Event in collaboration with 20 local businesses

Kristin has a blooming florist business in Woodstock and wanted to start an event geared to offering brides the chance to meet with wedding vendors from the area to plan their special day. She created a show that was very affordable for over 20 local wedding businesses and helped them generate leads by drawing prospective brides from the area. Kristin recruited the vendors, planned the event, and advertised the show in local media. What’s more, she was able to showcase Petals n’ Bloom and schedule consultations with new brides. Visit www.petalsnbloom.net for more information.

Preeti Flora

Founder of Threading & Henna Arts

Opened a threading and henna business and built a loyal customer base

Preeti was the first person to rent Mixin Mingle to hold a birthday party, and she had a great feast of Indian foods (which we love by the way). At the party, we began discussing threading because we had been interested in finding someone who could offer this service in Woodstock. Preeti told us she was an experienced threader and henna artist, but months went by before the topic came up again. Preeti decided to take the plunge and open her own business, and after months of searching for the right business to partner with, she approached us to set-up her operation at our location where she could begin to build her clientele. We began promoting one-day only threading & henna events paired with pop-up shops and it soon became pretty popular. By renting space at our location, Preeti opened the first threading business in Woodstock and built a loyal customer base.

Maria Ortega

Zumba® Fitness Instructor

Choreographed and led a Flash Mob

Maria is one of the most community-oriented people and she really shines as a leader. This was evident when she choreographed and led a Flash Mob in less than two weeks’ time. The plan was to dance to the song Footloose in front of the crowd at the 2012 DC Cobbs Street Fest and Maria pulled it off with flying colors. It was a great time! Watch the video of the Mixin Mingle Flash Mob.

Dawn Castellanos

Owner of Krafty Kidz!

Hosted Children’s Craft Birthday Parties

Dawn is an expert at craft projects and she is even better at teaching dozens of small children how to make something. We got to see Dawn facilitate several children’s birthday parties and each child got to make and take home a craft (and have cake too).

Krystle Hope

Owner of Serenity Haven Studio

Hosted Events and Classes

Krystle is the owner of Serenity Haven Studio and loves teaching people skills like Belly Dance and Yoga. She’s also great at throwing parties and events. One of the more memorable parties was the Belly Dance Hafla (watch the video) which was a fun night out and had Belly Dance performers, demonstrations, and vendors. Krystle is also a board member of Nurturing Necessities which is a local charity that provides needy families with clothes and supplies for infants. The group has hosted Holistic/Metaphysical Fairs to raise funds and the turnout for the event was very strong.


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